Space junk part of Nullarbor Links golf course

Skylab Nullarbor Links
The 12th hole at Nullarbor Links is located at Balladonia in Western Australia. It is situated at one end of ‘Ninety Mile Straight’ – one of the longest straight stretches of road in the world.

I thought I’d point this place out not only because it is part in the longest golf course in the world which Aussie Golfer reported on recently, but also because it is well known for having part of the NASA space program fall on it.

If you’re not familiar with the story here’s the abbreviated version as told on the Nullarbor Links 12th hole description:

Skylab was a space research laboratory constructed by the United States National Aerospace Agency (NASA) when in July 1979 it eventually succumbed to the Earth’s gravitational pull, re-entered the atmosphere and landed in fiery chunks around Balladonia.

Skylab served as a laboratory in earth orbit and was used to make solar-astronomical studies, long-duration medical studies of the three-person crew, extensive multispectral observations of the earth, and to conduct a variety of other scientific and technological experiments, such as metallic-crystal growth in the weightless state.

Over the period before its final descent the world had become fascinated over where the doomed station would land. The US President (Jimmy Carter) personally rang Balladonia Hotel Motel to apologise for Skylab falling on them.

For only the second time in its history the National Geographic Magazine stopped its presses to include the story. The local shire ranger (Mr David Somerville) was photographed giving the director of NASA a littering ticket, which received huge international coverage (the council later waved the fine).

So if anyone plays this course. Send in your pics, your score, your story….and a picture with you and Skylab too please!

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