How they made the Tommy Fleetwood cargo plane hole-in-one video

The video of Tommy Fleetwood making a hole-in-one from a cargo plane went viral. Here is how they made it.

A few weeks ago, the DP World Tour shared a video that appeared to show Tommy Fleetwood making a hole-in-one after hitting a golf ball out of a cargo plane at 30,000ft.

Lots of people couldn’t believe it, some people got angry when they realised it was fake, while others just went along for the ride knowing only too well it was fake. It reminds us a little of that Tom Brady hole-in-one drone video that was also made with some funky video editing.

It’s loads of fun despite some of it being clearly, or maybe not so clearly integrated with AI, CGI, or FBI to make this quite a preposterous golf video.

Right from the beginning when Tommy Fleetwood gives a cheeky green to the very end when the golf ball goes in the hole, we liked it and we say “well played” to the computer tech people who made it.

The team behind the viral video then released a new video explaining how they did it.

It involved getting Tommy Fleetwood to hit a golf ball into a green screen in a large warehouse, some drone footage and a stack of clever video editing.

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