REAL or FAKE? Tom Brady hole-in-one captured on a drone video

Legendary quarterback Tom Brady has had a hole-in-one captured in a drone video. Or has he?

Tom Brady has been known to pull off the impossible from time to time, so perhaps it’s not surprising the 7-time Super Bowl winner can make a hole-in-one.

Reportedly while making a promo video for an upcoming pay-per-view golf event, Brady made an ace while drones were tracking his ball flight. And the video looks awesome.

But some are having their doubt about its authenticity.

CBS News’ Michael Hurley just doesn’t have doubts about it, he’s suggesting it’s an obvious fake

The video is cool … but just like most of his viral videos, it’s obviously fake.

For one, he tagged the video editing team — Shadow Lion — that makes all of his fake videos.

Secondly, he immediately dropped links under his initial tweet so people would buy his Brady-branded golf clothing.

Third, what is this? Why is he hitting from some random tee markers in the middle of a fairway? Why does the ball look faker than the ones in the video where he pretended to drain a bunch of putts in rapid succession?

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