Concourse golf buggy: review

An Australian designer comes up with a very different way of carting about your golf buggy.

Quite a few new golf products cross the desk at Aussie Golfer and we particularly love it when we see a quality Aussie design from quality Aussie people. David MacKay, the creator of the Concourse Golf buggy showed me his unique design and left me thinking, “why hasn’t anyone done that before?” on a number of occasions.

What is it?
I’ve had a hard time explaining exactly what the Concourse Golf buggy is to friends but let’s see if I can summarise as simply as possible.

It’s a golf buggy that is connected to your bag at all times; on the golf course, in the car and in the garage.  The buggy is attached via an in-built connection piece or a strap around the bag. The buggy collapses and sits snug alongside your bag, rendering the need to transport an extra piece buggy redundant
The wheels are the only extras you’ll need to take and they themselves snap together in a way that should have done a long time ago. It’s probably best summed up visually so check out the video below.

It is extremely compact. Just one hand is required to flick the latch and the buggy opens out ready for the wheels to go on.Wheels are detached via a simple one-click on the central axis and seems so simple and easy that I was surprised I’d never seen it before.

The minimal, no-fuss design is superb but still manages to include a scorecard holder and a sand bucket hook. It is obvious that many hours have gone into making it as easy to use and as lightweight as possible.

The Concourse buggy is an elegant design. Rather than a bulky, metallic looking structure attached to the golf bag, the buggy is a nice looking piece of equipment without looking at all intrusive. The white looks particularly impressive and I can’t imagine anyone having an issue with this sitting on their bag.

I expressed some concerns that golfers needed a Concourse golf bag in order to use the product but this is not the case. The buggy comes with straps that can fit the buggy to any golf bag.

I’ve spent a lot of time in golf club car parks, unfolding and dismantling buggies, attaching and detaching wheels and removing and stacking them into the car. This design all but does away with all of it and makes the final part of your golfing day that much easier too, taking the clubs and buggy out of the car.

If we have any agenda at Aussie Golfer it is to support Australian golf and Australian golf products. I’m pleased to say that this one is a winner.

3 thoughts on “Concourse golf buggy: review

  • Looks to be a great product that would save time and effort getting your bag in and out of the boot.

    I’m wondering if it has a set attachment that can be added?

  • Sure does Troy. If the bag your using doesn’t have a connection piece built in, you can just use the straps.

  • Is there provision for an umbrella attachment


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