Why is Marc Leishman talking about milk on Twitter?

Marc Leishman is teeing it up at the Sony Open this week, home to his first big paycheck and milk related celebration.

Marc Leishman is playing the Sony Open in Hawaii this week and in the lead up to the first round which began today he posted a cryptic message on Twitter.

It read “Will 2019 at the @SonyOpenHawaii warrant a trip to the convenience store to get 2 liters of milk for Matty to do a number on @NoLayingUp (?).

See below:

The reason for this milk related question relates to the way Leishman’s caddy and long-time friend Matty Kelly decided to celebrate their first big paycheck at the Sony Open in 2009.

It was recounted to this episode of the No Laying Up podcast in October last year.

We’re not going to give away the story but you can listen for yourself. It’s hilarious.

It starts around the 27min mark of the podcast but the whole thing is a great listen, as is every podcast in the No Laying Up series.

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