18 HOLES Australian designer launches new golf board game

A new Australian designed board game is aiming to feel like golf when it can’t be golf.

We’re constantly trying to throw the odd curveball into our posts here at Aussie Golfer. It’s not all about professional golf you know.

Sometimes it’s about you, the Aussie golf fan. And whether it’s possible to play golf even when you’re not playing golf.

One way to keep golf on the table so to speak is to check out this new board game 18 Holes,

Designed by Australian Ryan Boucher, 18 Holes has players design, build and play a golf course after drafting which clubs will go in the bag.

“The origins of 18 Holes lies in a visit from a friend, a very keen golfer. I thought I would have a crack at designing a golf game that brought in some modern game design theory,” Boucher told Aussie Golfer.

“There have been many golf games over the years and many of them rely on dice or tables of numbers that make them inaccessible to all but a certain crowd.”

We’ve yet to play the game, but from the press kit images, the game looks great on the table and we love the idea of designing the course before playing it. And the best part, you get to play match play golf.

“There is a lot of conscious design in there, like why the game encourages match play over stroke play. Or how it’s made to feel like golf when it can’t be golf.”

You can purchase 18 Holes over at Seabrook Studios.

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