When a leaf gets in the way of your golf ball: video

American Chris Stroud’s golf ball had a collision with a leaf last week that all but stopped it in its tracks.

PGA Tour player Chris Stroud had this putt for bogey during his third round of last week’s Greenbrier Classic only for a leaf to deaden any chance it had of falling in the hole.

This is really strange for two reasons.

Firstly, it’s unusual to see a leaf obstructing a putt so strongly as this does. While I’m not sure Chris Stroud’s putt would have gone in, it certainly put the brakes on the golf ball pretty quickly.

Secondly, despite what the commentators say, the leaf was there the whole time. Did Stroud just not see the leaf? Or was he using it as some sort of line for his putt and he hit the ball a little off line.

Either way, it’s a lesson for all of us. Perhaps clear any loose impediments from your line before you putt the golf ball.

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