Sergio Garcia and Dustin Johnson promote Olympic golf in London: video

We tee off this week with a taste of what you we will see at the 2016 Olympics in Brazil, golf.

In case you’ve missed it, golf will be a recognised Olympic sport when the Games head to Rio in 2016. The golf course designer has been chosen, the course is under construction and the players, such as Sergio Garcia and Dustin Johnson look to be looking forward to it.

Garcia and Johnson took part in an Adidas promotion for Olympic golf. In the shadows of the Tower Bridge in London, they hit balls from one island to another in a nearest the pin competition.

No word yet on the format or whether or not professionals will be invited to play. Given the money and sponsorship at stake at the Olympics, I can’t imagine the professionals missing out. It would be nice to see a unique format at the very least, but rumours suggest it may be a stroke tournament. Novel.

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