Rules of Golf: OB from a bunker

A quick reminder on what happens when you (or preferably, someone else) hits their ball out of bounds from a bunker.

After the ball goes out of bounds, you must take a drop from where you played your last shot under the penalty of one stroke, but do you have to drop the ball back in the bunker divot?

No, you may rake the bunker first. Rule 13-4, deals with prohibited actions in a hazard but Exception 2 states:

After making the stroke, if the ball is still in the hazard or has been lifted from the hazard and may be dropped or placed in the hazard, the player may smooth sand or soil in the hazard, provided nothing is done to breach Rule 13-2 with respect to his next stroke. If the ball is outside the hazard after the stroke, the player may smooth sand or soil in the hazard without restriction.

So take a penalty, rake the bunker and then drop the ball. May you not have to deal with this rule on the weekend!

3 thoughts on “Rules of Golf: OB from a bunker

  • Good one Mike. Not often encountered but well worthy of note.

  • What are these “bunker” things everyone keeps talking about. I’ve been playing golf for ten years now and I have never encountered one.
    I suppose I do only usually play twice a week though.

  • What no bunkers on your coarse Brian? (even pro’s hit em)


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