Puntaa app lets you make and settle all your golf bets between mates

A bunch of Aussie blokes have recently launched a new app aimed at taking all the hard work out of making and settling bets between you and your mates, which could be particularly useful on the golf course.

 is a new social betting app that allows users to make a wager between friends, engage in a bit of friendly banter if they wish and then pays out to the winner via the eWallet system.

You simply make a bet using the app and invite friends who may be keen to get in on it. After the bet is complete, (and plenty of banter) all those who are in on the bet are notified of the result and the wagers are withdrawn from (or deposited into) each persons eWallet account.

From the Puntaa press release:

Puntaa is focused on being a socially responsible betting platform and addressing the issue of problem gambling. By operating a peer to peer model, the outcome of each bet has no concern on Puntaa as a business.

Puntaa does not take bets against clients, and as such does not attempt to extract money from punters wallets. Puntaa also has deposit and bet limits in place, and requires users to result their own bets under an honesty system.

Puntaa does take a 5% commission on successfully paid out bets (because we know someone will ask) but we’ve found Puntaa an easy, seamless experience, and one that ensures all bets are official and settled without needing to have cash on hand. Something that often gets in the way of the friendly golf bets being settled at all.

Puntaa is available for both Android and iOS.

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