McIlroy hits the wrong golf ball, but no penalty

Rory McIlroy hit the wrong golf ball during last weekend’s Madrid Masters, but it was deemed ok.

rorymcilroyThere have been a few interesting scenarios on the pro tours lately which have tested the rules officials. Kevin Na’s air-swing was closely looked at and deemed ok last week, John Daly ended up withdrawing over a rule infringement and this week, Rory McIlroy was caught up in a strange ruling.

You see last week at the Kolon Korea Open,  McIlroy had just hit a ball out of bounds and hit his next shot into deep rough. Upon making a practise swing he hit a ball buried beneath the grass which he hadn’t seen.

“And after I hit my first ball out of bounds, I then hit my second in the rough and as I was taking a practice swing I hit another ball which I didn’t see and at first the rules official said that I had played a wrong ball.

“I had no intention of hitting it, but I got it up and down with the other ball and thought I had made seven, but the rules official then said it was okay and I actually made five.”

Barry Rhodes clarified the ruling over at his blog but in summary, if you had no intention of hitting the ball, be it yours or any other golf ball, you’re fine and no penalty.

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