Jarrod Lyle stops cancer treatment and goes into palliative care

Heartbreak and sadness as Jarrod Lyle nears the end, deciding to stop treatment for leukaemia.

Jarrod Lyle’s wife Briony shared one of the most heartbreaking photos we’ve seen last night.

Briony announced that Jarrod will stop treatment in fighting leukaemia for a third time and will instead go into palliative care at home with his family.

Briony said that doctors could not see a positive outcome for the 36-year-old and that the image shared down Jarrod Facebook and Instagram feed was to be his last.

Here is the full post from Jarrod Lyle’s Facebook page:

The outpouring of sadness and support for Jarrod and his family was incredible overnight.

I took would like to send our support and best wishes to Jarrod and his family at this extremely difficult time.

Like many of you, I never met Jarrod but I’m heartbroken. So sad.

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