Have you tried the new Golf Australia handicap app?

You can now keep track of your friends’ handicaps via the new Golf Australia Handicap app.

We’ve been testing out the new Golf Australia Handicap App for a while now and we’re pleased to see it’s now been made publically available via Google Play and Apple App stores.

From what we’ve seen it works well. We like how you can create specific groups of mates and keep track of their handicaps, as well as your own.

And as opposed to many other apps, we’re digging the notification when a friend completes a round and their handicap changes. It’s amazing how much golf some people play!

Keen to hear what you think of it.

Key features (taken from the app store) include:
• Group/subgroup lookup – This feature allows you to store up to 100 GOLF Link numbers in your profile and view the GA Handicaps of everyone in your list. You’ll only need to add players once before incorporating them into your groups. Create and name your own subgroups, such as ‘Saturday players’, ‘Family’, ‘Work golfers’, and so on.
• Notifications – Receive notifications anytime someone in your list has a new score processed to their GOLF Link record. Keep fully up to date with everyone’s scores as they come in!
• Daily handicap calculator – Choose the tees/course and this feature will display Daily Handicaps for you and everyone in your lists.
• Handicap record display – For you and any players in your list.
• Share scores and handicaps – The share feature enables you to message copies of scores/handicaps to your friends via text message, WhatsApp, Facebook, email, and more.

You can grab the GA Handicap app at the Google App Store – or here for Apple users.


3 thoughts on “Have you tried the new Golf Australia handicap app?

  • Was part of the trial group at my club and very impressed with it. Features are great with live results once hc’s are posted on GL.

  • The Clubhouse app has been out for over 12 months, looks like GA have ripped off HandyCap and Clubhouse, with so many basic features missing it’s quite disappointing.

  • Members own handicapping data and it’s disappointing GA are keeping it to themselves to sell app advertisements instead of allowing other developers and apps to provide innovative scoring and statistical services. Handycap and Golfshot are amazing but can’t get access to the handicap data that belongs to members. One for Aussie golfer to look into.


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