Grumpy Old Golfer’s Putting Tips: book review

Simple, concise putting tips are laid out in a new book by the Grumpy Old Golfer.

E.P.Murphy’s new book of putting tips is more like an old notebook than an instructional book. It’s not a book that you would necessary read from cover to cover but perhaps pick up from time to time to get a few basics back in place for using the short stick.

The book states right from the start that it isn’t a cure-all, nor make you a great putter but it will make you a better putter.

Putting Tips is full of short snippets divided up into sections on the different aspects of putting, including the mind game, putting set-up and thoughts on curing bad putting. All of the sections are simple and concise, with the chapter on quotes about putting from a range of different courses including Gary Player particularly entertaining.

I’ve seen enough golfers stand over the ball for long enough to know this could be a good thing for many golfers. While there are specific tips with regard to the putting stroke in the book, it’s the basic stuff that is worth remembering when it comes to golf on the green.

Most of the art of putting is between the ears, and as this book quotes – and Gary Player once said: “We know so much about technique that the last frontier is mastering the mind”.

The Grumpy Old Golfer’s Putting Tips by E.P.Murhpy is available in book stores and via Amazon.

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