Golf Tip: Aim at something

Occasionally Aussie Golfer comes across a swing tip that applies to all golfers.

It was passed on to me during a lesson and is incredibly obvious but is something very few golfers apply to their game on a regular basis. Before every golf shot, aim at something. Don’t aim at a particular area but a particular spot.

Not just any old spot either, make sure it’s a tree in the distance, a stick behind the green or a spot in front of the hole.

We see the professionals doing it every week but most golfers tee off aiming for a general fairway area or aim at a large chunk of the green. Get more specific.

Pick out something in particular (which may be off in the distance) as your line, take one last peek at it before you hit the ball and go for it. Do it on drives, approach shots, chips and putts. Every golf shot.

It will help weed out any alignment issues and golfers with good hand eye coordination will recall the target image during the swing and find the club face will align much straighter.

6 thoughts on “Golf Tip: Aim at something

  • I’d like to take that one further and add to aiming – imagine how your ball is actually going to fly to that point, being straight, fade, draw, hook, or slice.

  • Agreed, its such a simple tip yet can be extremely effective. Picking the precise spot for a greenside chip to land and visualising it hit that spot then roll to the hole works. (I rarely hit that spot, but it is still very effective and blocking the negative voice and focussing the mind)

  • Really crucial stuff, and nicely explained! If I can add, I coach pros to pick a precise spot then connect with it with their gut, so they see it and they FEEL it. It increases the focus and single mindedness. Cheers.


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