Golf clubs unite to give their members access to two courses

In a bid to attract new members and retain current ones, two golf courses in Adelaide have agreed to a historic deal.

Flagstaff Hill Golf Club

Two golf courses in Adelaide have signed a historic agreement that marks a potential future for many other Australian golf clubs. Blackwood Golf Club and Flagstaff Hill Golf Club‘s have agreed for their members to have unlimited access to both courses – meaning that if you are a member of one course, you have full playing rights at the other.

This isn’t the first time this sort of agreement has been made between Australian golf courses but we can’t help but think this kind of agreement between golf clubs may become more common in a bid to attract new members and keep current ones.

The days of long the waiting-list to join a golf clubs are long gone and with fewer people make time to play golf, the idea of getting two golf clubs for the price of one might be a much more attractive deal for new members.

We’re sure some club members won’t like the idea of a bunch of new golfers turning up to their course each week, but many would love the idea of being able to play in a different golf course as part of their existing membership.

Expect to see more of this kind of golf club reciprocity across Australia in the coming decades.

Blackwood Golf Club

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