Golf Ball Review: Volvik Vista iV

Aussie Golfer reviews the Volvik Vista golf ball, which has equal top selling golf ball in South Korea. So why haven’t we heard of it before?

Volvik is a South Korean brand which partly explains its popularity, and also why we are only just hearing about it. The company is expanding its market and have recently signed a deal making it one of the main sponsors of the US LPGA Tour.

Volvik started with a Crystal 2-piece golf ball which had a translucent cover but they’ve now ventured into high-end golf balls with the introduction of the Volvik Vista iV. It’s a four piece golf ball and has a more durable cover than other traditional golf balls which reportedly make it last longer.

It compares very favourably with other top-end golf balls, and we found it ‘felt’ just as good. In a recent test using a robotic arm swinging a driver, the Vista travelled just as far as all other leading golf ball brands.

Who cares about the data?!
Golfers are tough nuts to crack, have plenty of superstitions and are loathe to change equipment, even if it may help their game.

With this in mind, Aussie Golfer asked (via Twitter) if anyone wanted to try out the Volvik Vista iV. Here is what they had to say;

“… so far i don’t mind them, they sound a lot harder than they feel.Which took a bit to get used to especially putting, but they still spin like any other on the greens.” @drewkester

“had a hit with 4 pce Volvik y’day and was impressed-good in the wind, solid off club and had nice feel. R they available?” @pjnoble

“The Volvik balls were not bad. I didn’t generate much spin with them in the greens. Off the putter they felt pretty good. With the driver I did not notice any difference in terms of ball flight, distance or feel. Would I choose them as an alternative my regular ball? Not likely to and price would not change that.” @StrategIP

As the last comment suggested, they are around $10 – $20 cheaper than most other top end balls. Only a few pro shops are stocking them at this stage but ask about supply or buy through the sales team at Volvik and they will post them out for free.

Bottom line
Any new golf ball brand is facing an uphill battle but in summary, Volvik Vista iV’s and are definitely worth a try.

Golf balls were provided courtesy Volvik Australia.

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