Golf Australia Express: Winning the war against counterfeit golf clubs

Found a website selling golf clubs at unbelievable prices? Chances are their fake.

I’ve been meaning to add a little about the fight against counterfeit golf clubs in the Australian market for some time but a recent issue of Golf Australia Express did it best.

Golf Australia Express is Golf Australia Magazine’s free, weekly online publication that is a great way to keep across the latest news in golf and in last week’s issue Adrian Ballantyne wrote about the war against fake clubs infiltrating the Australian market. And it seems that for the first time, the war is being won.

Most of the counterfeit golf clubs arrive via dodgy websites that pop up from time-to-time, but Ballantyne’s piece indicates that there are far fewer websites selling fake golf clubs than there were 12-18 months ago.

So how do you tell if a golf club is fake or not?

The biggest red flag in our opinion is the price; if it’s too good to be true, then it’s most likely a fake product. You should also be concerned if the clubs are coming from China and website information is written in broken English. also has some great information on how to spot a fake golf club, but make sure you check out the piece in issue 217 of Golf Australia Express for a better summary.

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