Rod Pampling hits ridiculous, atrocious tee shot to beat darkness: video

Rod Pampling has hit one of the worst tee shots you’re likely to see in a major golf tournament to get in before dark.

As the second day of the 2017 US PGA Championship reached its conclusion, golfers were rushing around hoping to get in before darkness. Under the rules, if one golfer in a group has already played a shot before play is suspended, they may complete the hole.

In the end, 25 players will need to be up early on Saturday morning to complete their second rounds and Rod Pampling made sure his group wasn’t one of them.

Pampling slapped on his glove and just walked straight into his tee shot on the ninth hole (his 18th), pulling it straight left into the trees.

It all looks a bit ridiculous and probably also had a bit to do with the fact Pampling was 12-over par at the time and no chance of making the cut.

Pampling later said it was th best thing he did all day.

“It was the best thing I did all day,” Pampling said in the dark after the round. “It was just a case where we had nothing to lose, so I was just getting it off as quick as we could so we could get finished, basically. It didn’t matter, even if I just tipped it off I was doing it.”

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