Finally, a driving range that gets it

A driving range in the US has made sure hitting golf balls is actually fun.
Even as an avid golfer, I’ve always lamented the lack of targets to aim for at the driving range. The social golfer or first-timers must get bored out of their brains with often no incentive other than to try and hit the next one better.

Top Golf is only in the US at present but it has turned the driving range experience into something resembling a bowling alley. Multiple targets are in the form of huge holes which golfers aim at to score points. The more difficult the target, the more points you get.
Multiple players can compete against each other in each bay and computers track the scores giving it that bowling alley feel. Food and drinks are on hand and you don’t even need to put on some silly shoes to play!

5 thoughts on “Finally, a driving range that gets it

  • It’s in UK too – played at Watford Top Golf last week in between days at The Open!!

  • Awesome idea and thanks for the share! This seems like it could intrigue people who have never played golf or the fringe golfers to come out more.

    Talk about a good business idea that could shift the focus away from golf courses and to driving ranges.

  • This is a great idea. I was at the range here in Christchurch last week and by the end i was just hitting pointless shots because i had no motivation. But this would be great!


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