David Duval’s unorthodox golf tips for eliminating the hook off the tee: video

David Duval’s tips for driving the golf ball may have golf teachers shaking their heads, but if you struggle with a hook this is worth a watch.

If you noticed our Twitter feed last night you may have noticed we were pretty taken with the driving tips that David Duval was giving on FoxSports as part of the Golf Channel Academy video series.

Duval was at one stage one of the best driver’s of the golf ball in the game of golf and was one of the few players who managed to compete head-to-head against Tiger Woods. For a brief period anyway.

Duval here gives some of the most fascinating, unorthodox golf tips on how to hit a driver that we have seen – with particular emphasis on trying to avoid the left-hand side of the golf course by always hitting it straight, or left-to-right.

As someone who has battled the hook-demon for a long time, this was enlightening stuff. If I can find the full segment, I’ll share it. But for the moment I’ve chased down some short clips from the segment via Golf Channel.

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