Colombian drug dealers are smuggling cocaine in golf clubs

Drugs hidden in golf clubs have given new meaning to the phrase “non-conforming golf clubs”.

Golfweek’s Adam Woodard has reported that police in Miami intercepted a shipment of cocaine hidden in the shafts of golf clubs from Colombia.

Federal agents intercepted a set of golf clubs from Colombia destined for New York at the international mail facility in Miami-Dade County on Monday. Traffickers attempted to cut the corner and smuggle more than a pound of cocaine in the shafts of the clubs.


One thought on “Colombian drug dealers are smuggling cocaine in golf clubs

  • Yes it’s ok for those guys and the CEO s of golf clubs to shut it down as they have no skin in the game. They can go home and receive full pay while PGA professionals are opening at 6 am and closing at 7 pm so they don’t loose their business and house.


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