The new Adventures on Golf series with Erik Anders Lang is excellent

We’d been anticipating the new Skratch TV series of Adventures in Golf almost as much as the new Dune movie and Foundation series. And now that it’s here we can say it’s excellent.

We haven’t seen all of Season 6 as yet (as not all episodes have dropped), but Erik Anders Lang and the team have already delivered some great episodes we’ve been happy to share around with as many non-golfers as golfers.

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2021 RYDER CUP: Winning and losing team media conferences

Team golf events are always fascinating not just for the on-course comradery between golfers but the off-course interactions.

Professional golf is often a place where loners and introverts are thrust into the limelight. Watching them celebrate and commiserate is awkward, compelling viewing.

The post-event media conference at the Presidents Cup and the Ryder Cup is always compelling viewing and a place where the true personality of some of these golf superstars comes through.

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Check out this hilarious Golf Marriage Counselor sketch from The Conor Moore Show

Unless it’s in golf speak, some people have no idea what you’re talking about.

You may not have seen much of The Conor Moore’s Show as it’s only in Australia via Golf Pass Australia.

Conor is the guy who started all these magnificent impressions of golfers (he does a great Jergen Klopp too) and he ended up scoring his own show on the Golf Channel.

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