Watch Johnson Wagner recreate Bryson DeChambeau’s US Open bunker shot

Bryson DeChambeau came to help Johnson Wagner recreate his incredible winning bunker shot at Pinehurst.

Johnson Wagner, a former PGA Tour player, has established himself as a prominent figure in golf commentary with NBC and the Golf Channel. His transition from player to broadcaster has been well-received, with Wagner bringing a unique blend of professional experience, personality, and moustache to the role.

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TikTok’s Golf Goblin: Making a par isn’t easy

Watching the pros is great, but don’t miss out on the entertaining hacks of some of the golfers on Tiktok.

It’s taken some time but there are now a bunch of fun people making some fun Australian golf content on Tiktok. If I ever get around to it, I’ll make a list of those you should be following, but for the moment you should follow theGolfGoblin whose battle with golf is equally hilarious and brutal to watch.

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What to say (or not say) when someone hits a bad golf shot

How to stop your hacker mate from giving up the game of golf.

I’m not usually one to promote the betting agencies, they spend enough on that already. But this short clip via Sportsbet is a good laugh. The timing and acting is perfect.

This bloke breaks the fourth wall and gives tips on the ideal comments you should be making after your playing partner hits a poor golf shot.

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Hamish and Andy play street golf in New York with Tiger Hood

Tiger Hood is well known on the streets of New York. Hamish & Andy him for a bit of street golf.

Back in 2011, Aussie comedy duo Hamish and Andy produced a TV show called “Hamish and Andy’s Gap Year”.

The show featured a bunch of skits from their time in the US and one particular sketch featuring Andy’s love of golf has been resurrected on Youtube this past Masters’ week.

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