Bring Me the Head of Sergio Garcia! Book review

A golf book review, and this one is great!

Years ago now, I was handed a book titled Nice Jumper by Tom Cox.

Golf books have always been a problem area. There’s been plenty of them ranging from self-help to biographies but none truly capture the complexities of the game or keep me wanting to read more. Until Nice Jumper came along Michael Parkinson on Golf was as close as it got.

Nice Jumper was a brilliant read. Tom Cox writes in similar style to Nick Hornby or David Sedaris. The book rolls along at a perfect pace. If your a golf fan you’ll enjoy it I’m sure. If you’re a golfer who grew up on a golf course with stuffy old members, wasting days with fellow juniors and getting up to no-good, you’ll love it.

Aussie Golfer has recently come across Tom Cox’s new golf book called “Bring Me the Head of Sergio Garcia!”. I’m only a few chapters in but I’m completely taken with it.

Tom decides after an eight year hiatus from golf (concentrating on his freelance journalism) to pursue something that had been nagging at him for years. Could he make it as a professional golfer? He makes the transition and attempts to qualify for The Open.

It’s hilarious and all golfers can relate to his crazy thoughts and golfing dreams. Get it. Read it. I’ll keep you informed as I pass through the chapters. Here’s a taste of Tom’s writing, his latest article for the Financial Times.

Coincidentally, fellow golf blogger Shane Bacon over at Dogs That Chase Cars also attempted to fulfil a golfing dream this week by playing in a US Open qualifier. Check out his fascinating account at Golf Fanhouse. His conclusions about tournament golf are worth a read.

3 thoughts on “Bring Me the Head of Sergio Garcia! Book review

  • I love the title alone, so if I can ever find time to read my preferred literary medium–paper–it will be at the top of the list.

    Shane’s account was great. I really related to his experience even though my golf pursuits are much smaller–for now. ;o)

  • I really want all golf fans to read this book. It’s quite something.

    My personal golf pursuit at the moment is just finding a tee time for the Saturday competition!

  • I’m a golf fan I would love to check this book out.v
    I recently finished a book, called “Shooting an Albatross” by Steven Lundin that was fun to read.
    It didn’t improve my game, it was just fun to read. You should check it out.


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