Book review: The Caddie Who Won The Masters

The list of great golf books is only slightly longer than the list of great golf movies. Tom Cox’s golf books gave me a laugh and even Michael Parkinson’s was a reasonable read but I tend to steer clear of both media when it comes to golf.

Fictional golf stories are not something I’ve ever come across before but John Coyne has given it a go in his latest book “The Caddie Who Won The Masters” and I was sent a copy to read.

The novel based around a 49-year-old amateur golfer who plays his way into the Masters. He is like a fish out of water surrounded by the young amateurs who have qualified but gets a helping hand around Augusta National by the ghost of Masters past including Bobby Jones and Ben Hogan.
I found myself more interested in the details of Augusta National itself than the story. Coyne obviously knows the course and its surrounds in perfect detail. I can only wonder if his descriptions of the cabins where the amateurs stay are truly accurate or not, but it’s fascinating all the same.

His course descriptions are no less enthralling. Each hole is described in vivid detail along with infamous shots played on them throughout the history of the US Masters.

In summary, it is an ok read but nothing amazing. The plot is a little contrived and it is not hard to see where it is all heading towards. But if you’re looking to fill some gaps in your history of the US Masters and learn some intricate details about each hole at Augusta while having some fun doing so, this will do just fine.

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