Arm End golf course back on track after appointing new course designers

After a period when everything went quiet, it seems like the Arm End golf course project is back on track.

We were very excited when we first heard the news that the incredible Arm End location near Hobart was going to become a golf course.

The peninsula juts out into the River Derwent south of Hobart with spectacular views in all directions. The idea of a golf course on the property was a mouth-watering prospect to Australian golfers.

But the whole thing seemed to stall and with no new updates on the project for a few years, (in contrast to the swift progress over at 7 Mile Beach) we were beginning to wonder what was going on.

Rumours of a change in golf architects were confirmed late last year when the OCM (Ogilvy Cocking Mead) team officially announced on Twitter that they were now in charge of overseeing the new Arm End course design.

Planet Golf reported on the change and added details about some of the preliminary work already done to the site including substantial weed control and the exciting tourism potential for the city of Hobart.

Geoff Ogilvy, Michael Cocking and Ashley Mead announced the appointment via social media, confirming rumours that had been swirling around the industry for several months. OCM have apparently re-routed the golf course, with preliminary clearance works presumably forming part of their layout footprint.

The development website includes the following quote from OCM on the potential for Arm End.

The land here is truly first-class, the equal of anything in the world today and easily good enough to build a course that will rank inside the top 100 in the world and within the top echelon in Australia. Perhaps even higher.”

Rather than just appealing to die hard golfers, willing to travel to the ends of the earth to find the next great course, (Arm End’s proximity to an airport and a major capital city) opens up a whole other market, including those that may want to see some non-golf attractions or perhaps combine a family holiday with a round or two.”

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