How alcohol can affect your golf game

Drinking alcohol on the golf course can lead to better performance for some golfer, for a short time.

Golf Digest posted this interesting video that saw three golfers slowly get drunk while hitting golf balls and making (or at least attempting to make) putts. It’s perhaps too small a sample size, and too small an experiment in general to glean much from but it is an interesting watch nonetheless.

Has anyone ever noticed just how much funnier, and how much better your jokes are after a few drinks? They don’t really go into that here…

2 thoughts on “How alcohol can affect your golf game

  • Usually I drink a beer after playing, not during the game :).
    A few times I try t play after lunch (+ glasses of wine), and the result was worst than the results of the study !

  • 4 beers then 4 Reds with lunch works the best, you do need a few years practice though.


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