A new spin on golf club cleaning: Club Whizz review

We’re on a roll here at Aussie Golfer. Club Whizz is the second great Aussie golf product to cross our desk in a month.

There are plenty of club cleaning products on the market and if you’re on the right golf course they are provided for you, but few incorporate them so innovatively into your golf buggy as the Club Whizz.

The Club Whizz fits onto the wheel of your golf buggy wheel and uses its rotation to provide a place to clean your golf club as you walk to the next shot.

We were a little skeptical at first, assuming the wheels on our buggies were different enough to provide a challenge to mount the Club Whizz but it wasn’t the case. The hooks and straps were fitted to the rim of the wheel in a couple of minutes and the Club Whizz was fitted in no time – and we’re in no rush to remove it any time soon.

It’s ultra convenient to clean your golf club with the Club Whizz. Play your shot, fix your divot, push your buggy and clean your club as you walk to the green. The brush un-clips from the wheel to clean your shoes or if you get a little more pedantic with the club cleaning. If anything, we’ve become a little too obsessed with clean grooves it’s that easy to do.

In summary, it’s a nifty, very useful golf product that makes club cleaning a pinch and will be very useful in the wet winter months when more grass and dirt sticks to your club. It has the added advantage of looking a lot like something James Bond would have on the wheel of his golf buggy if he played golf.

Oh that’s right, he does.

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