Handy Cap app tracks the handicaps of your golfing mates

We’ve been wanting something like this for ages; a fast, simple way of tracking the progress of your golfing mates.

handy cap

We can’t help but let everyone know about this simple, little app that lets you track the handicaps for all your golfing mates. It’s exactly the sort of thing we’ve been wanting for a long time.

While available just for Android users at the moment, Handy Cap allows you to add a golfer’s name and GolfLink number, allowing you to track their official Golf Australia handicap and competition round results.

screenshot-play.google.com 2015-08-24 16-39-32A list view of your golfing mates gives a quick view of each players handicap and a ‘dot representation’ of which of the 8 previous rounds are contributing to the handicap.

Tapping on the golfer’s name gives a more detailed history of each of the last 20 competition rounds including a graph of the ‘played to’ handicap plotted along with the official GA handicap. Competition par, result and overall winner for the round is also provided for each round.

And that’s it. And that’s why we love it. Simple, easy to use and a fast way to keep up to date with how your mates are fairing on the golf course.

It’s the brainchild of Bradley Hohn, a keen golfer from Melbourne who whipped it up for his own personal use. A few of his mates started using it as well and, “so in the end I just decided to just chuck in on Google Play so that anyone could use it.”

Reportedly a notification feature is in the works so that you get a notification when a mate shoots a good score. We’re told that more features will be added if the need is there and they can be easily implemented.

Handy Cap is available for Android users only via the Google Play store.

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