World’s oldest golf pub may soon be demolished

The pub next to Musselburgh Golf Links in Scotland looks set to be replaced with houses.

The Musselburgh Old Course in Scotland is one of the oldest golf courses on earth and was home to many of the Open Championships in the late 1800’s. It’s a mecca for anyone remotely interested in the history of the game and a unique golf experience.

Musselburgh Golf Links with Mrs Forman’s pub. Image courtesy of

The golf course itself is (mostly) located within a race track and has one of the world’s best 19th hole’s, “Mrs Forman’s” considered to be the oldest golf pub in the world. But Scottish Golf History are reporting that the pub is now closed and is in danger of being demolished to make way for houses:

Many famous golfers have dined there and the pub has changed hands several time. A few years ago it was renovated and modernised. Its loss will be sad blow to Musselburgh, which already struggles to attract business.

Scottish Golf history also recall a famous incident at Musselburgh featuring Old Tom Morris and Willie Park Snr:

Mrs Forman’s was the site of a major golfing incident in 1870, when Old Tom Morris from St Andrews and Willie Park Snr were playing a close match for high stakes. Willie was from Musselburgh and the local crowd were interfering with Old Tom’s play. The umpire halted the match during the refreshment break in Mrs Forman’s, which Willie Park refused to accept and finished the match. The following day, when Old Tom walked the course and was declared the winner, Willie Park arrested the stakes.

This golf course and pub is on my golf bucket list – and it should be on yours too if you haven’t been there already. It is a shame the pub has closed and it would be a tragedy if the pub was demolished. At the very least, let’s hope the golf course isn’t altered in any way.

Geoff Shackelford did a nice little video piece on the site a few years back:

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