What should be included on an Australian golf bucket list?

Australia is a lucky golf country. More often than not, blessed with great weather to play golf on some of the best courses in the world.

A selection of Australia’s best golf courses are publically accessible and open to anyone who wishes to book a tee time. All of them with green fees that make the rest of the world green with envy.

Put the golf courses at Barnbougle anywhere along the Monterey Peninsula for example, and we’d easily be talking green fees upwards of $300.

Australia also has some very unique landscapes that have led to the creation of some incredibly memorable golf holes and unique golf experiences.

With this in mind, we recently stumbled upon a gorgeous video from Air Adventure Tours that suggested that playing Cape Wickham’s 18th hole should be on your bucket list.

And if you’re lucky enough to have gone down to King Island and played that golf hole it would be hard to argue with.

It got us thinking about what an Australian golf bucket list would look like. Of course, it would list particular golf courses and golf holes you need to play before you die.

But we wondered if there were any other golf-related experiences that should be on the list?

So what else is there? What Australian golf-related feats should be on the list of things you should do before you die?

It would be easy to make a list of which golf courses you should play but what other things would you add? Be specific.

We’d love to hear your suggestions. I’ll start with a few.

  • Play Royal Melbourne.
  • Play golf on oil of sand scrape greens.
  • Attend a final round of the Men’s or Women’s Australian Open.
  • Rack up double digits on the 8th at Barnbougle Dunes.
  • Have a beer at St.Andrews Beach Brewery.
  • Play the 3rd hole at Narooma Golf Club.
  • Play the Nullarbor Golf Course.
  • Practice your bunker shots on a deserted beach.
  • Play Cape Wickham’s 18th hole.
  • Cut off more than you should with your drive at the 18th hole at Palm Meadows.
  • Play Bonville GC.
  • Get invited to play one of Melbourne’s sandbelt courses.
  • Play at sunset through a mob of kangaroos.

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  • Play barefoot golf at The Dunes ‘Cups’ course.


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