What is the Qantas Golf Club?

We played a Qantas Golf Club event to find what it’s all about.

The launch of the Qantas Golf Club last December kind of passed us by. In the midst of Australia’s big golf tournaments and the lead up to Christmas we weren’t sure exactly what it was, so we jumped at the chance to find out what it was all about after we were invited to come out and play in one of their Qantas Golf Club Championship Series events last week.

Anyone with a Qantas Frequent Flyer membership can join the Qantas Golf Club, and there are free and premium options. Both options get you frequent flyer points for all purchases made through the club.

The free option gives you the opportunity to book tee times, holiday packages and enter the Championship Series held at some of Australia’s best golf courses. The premium option does all that but opens up more tee times at some of Australia’s private golf courses, and gets you an official GA handicap.

Last week’s Qantas Golf Club Championship Series was held at The Lakes Golf Club in Sydney and was one of the best run golf days we’ve had the pleasure of playing in. Teams of two (with official GA handicaps) played a 4-Ball-Best-Ball format with the top two teams winning themselves a spot in the final event in Queenstown, New Zealand – flights, accommodation and golf all paid for!

It’s a seriously good prize which goes to the top 2 winning teams. On invitation to the tournament, we were a little jealous we weren’t eligible to win it at first, but it wasn’t like our golf game was good enough to take the chocolates anyway.

We can see plenty of golfers signing up for this to get access to some great travel deals, promotions and grab themselves a GA handicap – but if you ever want the opportunity to play great golf courses such as Royal Adelaide, The Lakes, Joondalup or the composite course at Royal Melbourne for example – this is a great way to do it.

3 thoughts on “What is the Qantas Golf Club?

  • Hi,
    I am interested in joining the Qantas Golf Club. Will I be able to maintain my golf link handicap if I do?

    I am about to terminate my current membership at my local club.

    Regards Vic

    • I believe so Vic. Your previous golf round history will be transferred over.

  • How do I join the Qantas golf club


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