WATCH this golfer break a window practising at home, and then get back to the BBQ

When you break a window playing golf, and the meat is cooking, you’ve just got to get back to the BBQ.

This keen golfer thought he would put the tongs down for a bit and practice his golf swing by hitting a few balls over the back fence.

The back fence isn’t all air though and after he hit one a little thin, the golf ball careered off the fence and through a back window of the house.

But what to do next? He went straight back to the BBQ.

The golfer in question later mentioned on reddit that he’d only recently had the windows replaced and his wife and baby weren’t happy.

“Immediately I’m thinking my wife is going to kill me. We just replaced all our windows. Dumb move on my part wanting to see the ball flight. The steaks were delicious though.”

New Year new window
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