Watch PGA Tour players hit drives with vintage golf clubs

Rory McIlroy, John Huh, Jamie Donaldson, Charley Hoffman and others hit a few vintage golf clubs at the 10th hole at Riviera earlier in the week. 

Three clubs were hit – a 1920s hickory club, a persimmon wood and the original Callaway Big Bertha – each with a soft ball to create a more authentic feel. Adam Schupak at GolfWeek expanded on the piece a little by giving a few distances from TrackMan.

As if we needed any further proof that golf equipment has evolved, according to TrackMan data, McIlroy’s carry distance with hickory was 226.1 yards; he stepped it up to 269.9 with persimmon; and 270.6 yards with the original Callaway Big Bertha. When the tournament begins on Thursday, McIlroy likely will use his Nike Vapor 3-wood to avoid driving over the green.

McIlroy wasn’t the longest off the tee with hickory. Among a handful measured, John Huh’s blast carried all of 230 yards.

Strangely, Geoff Shackelford pointed out that many players opted out of the fun.

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