Watch a crow unreplace divots at Barnbougle Lost Farm: video

We took a trip to the always spectacular Barnbougle Dunes over the weekend and we were happy to have a mystery solved before we left.

During our first round at Barnbougle Lost Farm last week, we were perplexed by the sight of so many divots lying right next to the place they had originally been growing – particularly on the eighth and ninth holes. Could so many golfers be so lazy and choose not replace a divot lying right next to where the golf shot was played?

It turns out a crow was the culprit, flipping over the divots, most likely in search of food. Soon after we saw the same crow lying on its side trying to flip over a chunky divot that was still largely connected to the turf.

The greenkeepers are Barnbougle must be losing their minds over this. Send in Carl Spackler?

2 thoughts on “Watch a crow unreplace divots at Barnbougle Lost Farm: video

  • haha, this is great! Those pesky crows, eh? Thanks for the laugh.

  • It’s great to see the local wildlife trying to help! 🙂 I could do with that crow following me around after my fluffed shots!!


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