Watch: 14-year-old Jordan Spieth says he wants to win The Masters

Even at 14-years-old, Jordan Spieth had ambitions to win The Masters.

Australian golf coach Cameron McCormick has been Jordan Spieth’s swing instructor since he was 12-years-old and he features in this piece from American TV from seven years ago now.

In the video, Spieth talks about his ambitions in the golf world and particularly his desire to one day win the Masters

“My ultimate goal, when I came here (coach Cameron McCormick) asked me and I said I wanted to win the Masters,” said Spieth when he was 14.

Clearly McCormick could already see he had a very special student on his hands.

“Based on benchmarks of Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson…I think he can match up there with the greatest,” said McCormick.

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