Ellerston Golf Course hole-by-hole drone flyover video

Check out this spectacular hole-by-hole flyover of the brute that is Ellerston golf course.

When it’s included for consideration, Ellerston Golf Course is usually ranked in the top-10 of Australia’s best golf courses. But privately owned by the Packer family, very few golfers get see Ellerston, let alone play it.

So it’s a treat to share this fantastic hole-by-hole drone flyover of Ellerston. Greg Norman and Bob Harrison designed the golf course for the late Kerry Packer who wasn’t able to play the full 18 holes before his death in 2005.

It’s fair to say Ellerston is a brute of a golf course, possibly the hardest in Australia – just as Kerry Packer wanted it. It’s full of spectacular, wild holes; especially the meandering par-5 9th, the spectacular par-4 14th and the curling par-16th.

Ellerston Polo Club Golf Course Extended Version from PoloCam.Tv on Vimeo.

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