Vice Golf arrives with a new range of golf balls: review

Vice Golf launch their new golf balls and with whole new way of purchasing them.

Launching a new brand name in the golf world is always a difficult task. Golfers are a fickle lot and they generally prefer to stick with what they know. But you’d be silly not to check out the new line of Vice Golf balls that have hit the shelves, or more specifically, the online shelf.

balls have launched a line of golf balls that bypasses the pro shops or golf stores, and allows the balls to be purchased directly from the manufacturer. The concept means the balls are cheaper than most other brand name golf balls. The more you buy, the cheaper they get.

On the surface, these Vice Golf balls look fantastic. They come in superb packaging and have one of the best logos on the market. Each ball is also pre-marked with putting line on it which leads us to wonder why other balls done haven’t done it before?

Great packaging, great concept, great logo – but are they worth buying? We gave three of the Vice Golf balls for a spin and here are our thoughts.

Vice Drive
The Vice Drive is the their low compression golf ball. It is designed for optimum distance with minimal spin and is perfect for your high handicapper or anyone with low club head speed. It obviously lacks some feel around the greens and comes off the putter face a little smacky but overall it’s on par with any other distance ball going around.

Vice Tour
The Vice Tour is a 3-piece golf ball designed for any level of golfer that we couldn’t fault. Good distance off the tee followed by decent spin and feel off the club face, the Vice Tour is a worthy addition to the bag that even low-handicappers wouldn’t be unhappy to be playing.

We were surprised with how well it handled around the greens for a mid-range golf ball. It felt soft and seemed to land quite softly, even on some of the quicker greens we met this past Australian summer.

Vice Pro and Pro Neon
The Vice Pro and the Vice Pro Neon are the top end release golf balls and the ones which we got most excited about. They are the same golf ball, except that one is white and the other is a very, very bright yellow.

The Vice Pro is a 3-piece, urethane covered golf ball feels a little stickier than some of the other top-range balls. We played it along side a few other premium golf balls and didn’t notice any difference in distance, with just as much, if not more spin across all our irons. On a few occasions we got some serious zip after coming in with some short irons that bode well for tighter lies closer to the green.

While we’re not huge fans of the Pro Neon colour (the local crows loved them) it’s still a very good, highly durable golf ball that stacks up very well against any other top range ball we’ve used.

Bottom Line
Vice Golf balls look and feel great, and are without doubt as good as most other golf balls on the market. We were particularly taken with the Vice Pro and are more than happy to have them in our golf bag.

The unique Vice Golf pricing scheme is a real draw card – the more you buy, the cheaper they are. Perhaps get a bunch of mates to pitch in together for a few dozen as you’d be mad not to try Vice Golf balls out for yourselves.


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