Thoughts on the concept of 12-hole golf courses

Could a 12-hole golf course be the answer to some courses financial woes?

Greg Norman recently re-ignited the discussion of 12-hole golf courses and after stewing on the idea for a number years, I finally got some of my thoughts down for the latest article for GolfLink:

It’s a shift in thinking some golfers are just too stubborn to make, despite the fact that an 18-hole round of golf isn’t going anywhere. One prominent golf writer once told me that he “likes to play 18-holes of golf, not 12-holes”. I declined to point out he had actually just played 12-holes, it’s just that he played six more.

Read the full piece over at GolfLink: The Concept of a 12-hole Golf Course

One thought on “Thoughts on the concept of 12-hole golf courses

  • Considering we have most golf courses with 9 holes finishing back at the clubhouse and the ability to cater for 9 and 18 hole golfers quite easily I am not sure this is a solution that will change golf. Its more a realisation that we can play less than 18 holes and that is ok for some.

    The hard core golfer will still want 18 holes as they feel any less they are short changed.

    The social golfer and time poor can easily do 9 at the moment which is enough for some.

    I think short fun 9 hole courses that get us round in 90 minutes rather than 12 holes is more likely to appeal in the future to the less traditional golfer.


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