The PGA Tour have just launched a new AR app for iPhone and iPad

The PGA Tour have launched a new augmented reality app that will allow golf fans to see the tour in a whole new way.

The PGA Tour have launched a new augmented reality (AR) app that can project hole-by-hole and Shotlink information into a desk or table near you. The catch is its only available for iPhone and iPad, and you’ll need one of Apple’s ARKit’s.

From Adam Stanley’s piece on

It will allow fans of the TOUR to engage with ShotLink player data in a totally different way, plus attract new fans that might be interested in the technology first and golf second.

“To be out in the market with this content is cool because we’re taking advantage of a new technology (AR) and we get to show people how great our sport is,” said Rick Anderson, Chief Media Officer of the PGA TOUR. “That’s what drives us.”

The release of the PGA TOUR AR app marks the first time live sports data has been integrated into ARKit, Apple’s exclusive AR platform. It’s the perfect accompaniment to the TOUR’s broadcasts as users will, for the first time, be able to truly see how steep a downhill shot is, the depth a TOUR player sees while debating about carrying a water hazard, and more.

We love this sort of technology. The software/programming behind it is incredibly impressive and there is no doubt that it could be expanded further in the future to add more features but you do have to sit and wear Apple’s ARKit headwear to view the images on the desk.

Other than a fun few minutes to check it out, we’re not sure if this is going to be used much at the moment.

Definitely cool stuff though and full marks for the PGA Tour to throw some money at it.

If you’ve got an ARKit to go with your iPad or iPhone, grab the “PGA TOUR AR” app the App Store – we’d love to hear your thoughts.

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