The Gods will decide when you’re out of bounds: video

There is always fun to be had when amateurs play in professional tournaments.

At the Dunhill Links Championship, the professionals are partnered by some celebrity or important wealthy person over the four days and of course, hilarity ensues.
Take these two blokes for example. With nerves of steel on the most famous 18th hole in all of golf, these two do all they can to secure themselves a nasty and somewhat difficult out-of-bounds. Their plan comes unstuck as the hotels, shop fronts and bitumen throw the ball back onto the fairway.

H/T Eye on Golf

One thought on “The Gods will decide when you’re out of bounds: video

  • Sometimes you get some lucky breaks like these two guys. It helps having the bitumen over next to the hole because once it lands on there it has every chance of kicking back onto the fairway.


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