TalkinGolf relaunches with new must-listen Golf History podcast

The TalkinGolf podcast has relaunched with not just a brand spanking new website but a great new episode on the History of Golf.

The new site has a bunch of golf podcasts all in one spot including State of the Game, Feed the Ball, The iSeekGolf Podcast and Bruce Young’s weekly betting tips podcast.

But in particular I wanted to direct readers towards the newly relaunched TalkinGolf Podcast that started with a fascinating chat between Rod Morri and Connor T Lewis (on Twitter as Society of Golf Historians) about the history of golf.

From the episode blurb:

Have you ever wondered ‘why?’ in this game? Why do we play 18 holes? Why is the cup 4.25 inches in diameter? Why do we carry 14 clubs? These are just three of the big questions answered on the first episode of TalkinGolf History. Join hosts Rod Morri and Connor T Lewis as they launch the internet’s first podcast devoted entirely to the history of the greatest game of all.

Listen to episode 1 here and make sure you head over to to keep up-to-date.

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