Shed the winter blues with indoor simulator golf

We recently had a chance to revisit Sydney’s only indoor golf venue and had forgotten how much fun it is.

It is usually about this time of year when I’ve had enough cold weather. The low temperatures and wet weather has ensured that only a small amount of golf has been played over the last few months and I’ve found myself already yearning for the day that daylight saving time kicks in.
To whet the appetite for golf, Aussie Golfer recently popped into Inner City Golf in St.Leonard’s to have a few beers and reacquaint ourselves with the indoor golf venue.

You’re immediately drawn to the main golf simulator as you walk in the door that features a large screen and a teeing mat where you can play shots from a variety of surfaces; fairway, rough, long rough and sand. You tee off into the screen and the ball trajectory is digitally extrapolated as a simulated ball down the fairway of courses such as St.Andrews, Pebble Beach or Pinehurst. You plot your way around the golf course just like you would on the real golf course; club selection (you may bring your own), wind speed and ball lie all need to be taken into account before playing your next shot.

The system can be set up to play nearly any format of golf you like against your friends. Handicaps can be assigned including an additional dose of power for those lacking in a bit of distance.
As mentioned, I’ve previously visited Inner City Golf with a few friends, some golfers, some not and we all came away with the wind knocked out of us by playing a course seemingly set up for some golfing Adonis. This time we had loads more fun playing a course of medium difficulty and would have played into the wee hours of the night given half a chance.
The place has similarities to a ten-pin bowling alley with bar facilities and plenty of weekly competitions you can enter as an individual or as a group. I’m told it’s hugely popular for corporate events and more recently, bucks parties.
I tend to think of Inner City Golf as a place to relax, chew the fat and play some great simulator golf on some of the world’s best courses, but it is also a great place to dust off the cobwebs and get your swing in shape for next summer by having a lesson.
The Inner City Golf team have a number of professionals you can book a lesson through, including three qualified Golfing Machine coaches. A form of golf swing instruction I wasn’t too familiar with before visiting the venue.
I can honestly say it filled a gap in my golf this winter after a month without playing. At the very least it’s just loads of fun and a way to entertain your mates, or perhaps even your staff. 
Check out the Inner City Golf website for more details and rates.

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  • I’ve always wanted to do this as it looks so much fun. I only hope they intend on setting one up in Brisbane at some stage.


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