GolfLink Race Series 2010: Run your own Race

Has there ever been a better time to be an amateur, social hacker golfer?
With an official AGU handicap there are so many events to enter at some of Australia’s best golf courses. If you plan it right, it can feel like your own personal golf tour.
I’ve just come across Golflink’s “Race to…” series that should be on your list of events. Similar to the pro tours, a series of six tournaments allow you accumulate points for the Order of Merit depending on where you finish. Eligibility into the final round depends on your ranking on the Order of Merit where your points are converted into dollars, deducted from your entrance fee in the final!
Sydney and Melbourne have their own separate series’ this year. The Sydney Series is a Race to Cypress Lakes and the Melbourne Series is a Race to Rich River. There are plenty of prizes at each qualifying event as well as a $1200 first prize for the winner of the final in both series. See GolfLink for qualifications courses and dates.
(Neither GolfLink or anyone else pays Aussie Golfer to promote their service or products. While I am more than happy to be reimbursed for golf service and product promotion, all reports appearing will be given an honest appraisal for Aussie Golfer readers.)

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