Rory hits a kid on the scone, gives him a room for the night

Rory McIlroy did a little bit more than just give a kid a signed glove after hitting him in the head with a wayward drive.

During the opening round of the 2012 Open Championship, Rory McIlroy hit a wayward drive on the 15th that sconed a kid on the head. The kid was left lying on the ground in shock and the ball bounced over the fence and out-of-bounds.

The 16-year-old kid was Jason Blue and according to the Irish Sun was to spend the night in a tent with a mate. McIlroy gave the customary signed glove to Blue who was in the hands of the medics when he arrived at the scene, but he couldn’t bear the thought of him spending the night in a tent so he put him up in a nearby hotel room for the night.

McIlroy told The Irish Sun:
“I’d like him to have a roof over his head tonight and a comfortable place to stay. It’s the least I can do.” McIlroy said. 
“The most important thing was that he was OK. Because I would have felt terrible if it had have been worse than what it was.”
Is there a nicer golfer going around than McIlroy? Perhaps there’s some straighter ball hitters but certainly not nicer.

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