The reason for Australia’s new golf course ratings

There have been a number of readers asking why Golf Australia is implementing the USGA course rating system?

Due to roll out in the near future with expectations it will be fully implemented across Australia by late 2011, the new course rating system will also lead to a drastic change in the handicapping structure.

So, what is wrong with the current system and what is so attractive about the USGA course rating system? Scott Wagstaff from Golf Queensland has written an article to attempt to answer these questions;

There’s little doubt that the ‘rating’ of many of Australia’s 1500 or more courses are out of date. Some of the reasons relate to the fact that the training, auditing and rerating process has been minimal at best. This has led to inconsistencies across States, and even regions which in a national system are obviously not ideal.

Read the full article at Inside Golf Australia.

2 thoughts on “The reason for Australia’s new golf course ratings

  • The outgoing system is seriosly flawed and has been from from day 1. Pleasingly and wisely, it is being replaced by a much fairer and totally valid handicap methodology. [Golfers, expect your handicaps to drop by 3 or 4 shots as you now will play against the course and not the 15th player in a 100 strong field}. To JL (deceased) of NSW and CP (Who should be desceased for implementing such a crap system) of VIC your system was in valid. Time has proved that it is still is weak and thats why Australia is moving to something much better. Way to go GA.

  • Strong words – and I can’t really disagree. I’m really looking forward to the new system.


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