Ray Martin discovers Cape Wickham Links on King Island: video

I did a double-take when I saw this cross the Aussie Golfer Twitter feed last night; it’s a video of Ray Martin ‘discovering’ Cape Wickham Golf Links on King Island in Tasmania.

Brand Tasmania have released this great video of Ray Martin ‘discovering’ Cape Wickham. Martin chats to an American visitor and also General Manager Michael Brasier about the spectacular site and it’s place in the world’s best golf courses.

Now I knew Geoff Harvey played golf but I hadn’t heard that Ray Martin had swung the golf club that often; so one of the best things about this is we get to see Ray’s golf swing! I’m still convinced sure he swings the golf club that often.

And can we all agree there is a bit of dodgy editing going on at the end? Surely Ray’s putt was coming up short? 🙂

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