Playing Chopin for Julie Delpy

The always entertaining and eternally frustrated Larry David has written a great a piece in The New Yorker – ‘Fore’ about his love hate relationship with golf. He has realised he has gone through the same stages of grief that terminal patients experience before dying, except as a golfer.
Then I drifted into the next stage, Depression. I was never going to be good. Never. Think what I could’ve done with all that time. Learned French. Piano. I’d be playing Chopin now if it weren’t for golf. Playing Chopin for Julie Delpy. But instead I wasted my life on this game. It looked so easy. The ball just sits there. Any idiot could do it. But every instinct I had was wrong. You’re supposed to hit the ball down to make it go up. That’s absurd. I want to hit it up to make it go up. When I try to hit down, it’s like I’m splitting a log with an axe. All I do is chop up the course. And then there’s this one: the easier you swing, the farther the ball goes. How can that be? So you hit down to make it go up and swing easy to make it go far?

One thought on “Playing Chopin for Julie Delpy

  • Hah! That’s gold.. I don’t think someone could have summed it up any better..Fortunately I realised I would always be a hack a long time ago, but that’s not to say my Spanish is getting any better 🙂


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