Golf GameBook provides live scores for you and your mates

We waited a long time for this app, and it’s proving a beauty.

Several years ago we went looking for an app that could give a live leaderboard for golfers during a round with multiple groups on the course. Sadly, the app didn’t exist.

Here is what we wanted; an app that could input golf scores from each group then display them all, quickly and easily, on a live leaderboard – just like the professional tournaments we see on TV. The Golf Gamebook app does exactly that.

Golf GameBook is simple to use. Sign in and start a round by selecting the golf course from the app database. Setup the game with the golf format, and add nearest the pin, longest drive or any side bets. Then simply your mates know the “Join Code” for the game and you’re off.

Any golfers (or one golfer per group) who input scores under the same “Join Code” will all be added to a live leaderboard which is accessed by simply rotating the phone. You can even share the code with friends at home who can also keep an eye on the scores. Your wife and kids will love it.

The scoring input is a breeze too. In the past we’ve found it relatively annoying to add scores to a phone app as well as marking a card during a round of golf, but we’d go so far as to say this is easiest scoring we’ve come across. It’s a piece of cake to quickly add scores for everyone in the group, the app calculates the scores depending on your format and updates the leaderboard.

Golf Gamebook also does more than just keep score. You can also add a detailed personal profile including what’s in your bag, course ratings, your game stats and then easily share it with your friends.

We only have one criticism; the inability to edit course details. We trialled the app at a golf course where the hole indexes had changed and there was no way to change them.

Despite this, we love Golf Gamebook.

We played with just two groups on course but we felt like we were playing in a professional golf tournament. The leaderboard was checked every hole and only added to the fun we were having. For a weekend away or simply a game with mates that extend across multiple groups, this will make it even more enjoyable.

3 thoughts on “Golf GameBook provides live scores for you and your mates

  • I can see this being a hit at Barnbougle

  • By far THE best app for golfers worldwide.

  • I hear there’s an ever better app in development called VPAR


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